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Cathy Thomas, SSRI Foster

I have been on Clayton nation since the beginning, pulling for Clayton and falling in love with him as everyone else did. CN made me aware of fostering and I applied to foster for senior Springers because we had springers growing up and we had recently lost our Golden Retriever.

We missed having a dog in the house so much, especially our son Jarret. When I saw the picture of Jessie standing in that cold shelter, her face full of fear, and due to be put down that morning, I knew that was my Clayton, that we could love back to life.....I called the shelter and spoke to the woman who had been taking her out of the cage and walking her..she said that Jessie was a really sweet, very scared girl, probably blind and totally deaf, she said another rescue had come by and didn't want to take her, she didn't understand why because she was so sweet. She also told me that her owners had just opened their front gate and pushed Jessie out and then called the pound saying that she was a stray!! I put out there on CN that if someone could pull her we would foster her. Well, CN worked it's magic and before I knew it, she was pulled and taken to a vet up in the Riverside area of California. I found out that an organization called Senior Spaniel

 Rescue had saved her and I started working on the details of picking up Jessie with Mary Sanders. When I told Jarret that we were going to be fostering a blind, deaf older springer with bad arthritis, he asked "really mom, how much thought did you put into this?" I said "not much, I just know that we need to help her!". My husband, Allen and I made the 2 1/2 hour trek up to pick her up.

When we got to the vet and they brought her out to us I immediately fell in love with her and cried happy tears! We brought her home and when Jarret met her he fell in love too! We had a mobil groomer come over and shave her down because of her badly matted fur, it was matted all the way up to the skin. It was then that we discovered how emaciated she was, but beautiful at the same time. Jessie, as everyone could see in my videos had a really hard time walking and fell down a lot. She would walk non stop for hours and couldn't sit down and it was difficult for her to lay down. After a few days Jessie realized that she was in a real home with people that loved her and started prancing around in her own little way, her head up and coming up to be petted and snuggled. I loved sharing videos of her on CN and CN ate her up and fell in love with her too!! People sent her wonderful gifts, jackets to keep her warm and a raised feeder  so she wouldn't have to

 bend over, treats and gift cards. What a wonderful group of people, I have made some wonderful new friends on CN! Jessie definitely responded to all the love that she received, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to save her. We took her to a vet to try acupuncture at the request of Mary Sanders, who has had luck with it over the years..the vet thought that Jessie had a brain tumor and possibly spinal lesions. She was going down hill quickly and the tough decision had to be made, we had to put her to sleep. We knew that we had given Jessie what she probably never had, a loving home and a boy to call her own! It was with that happy thought that we sent her over the bridge, Allen, Jarret and I holding her paws and stroking her head and crying. I think all of CN cried with us. We all lost a Jewel that day.

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