This is a sweet and smart soulful CA Springer...MooMoo got her name at 8 weeks when she was eating grass like a calf in the original owner's big back yard.  She is a wonderful companion dog, who has been described as an old soul because of how she looks at you with her eyes.  She understands a lot and loves to be with people.  She came from the breeder to her owner.  The owner's life changed after her husband died and she so needs a person or couple to love her forever.

She has great health and blood tests to show it.  Loves to go for walks.  She loves to stand on the first step of a pool because she is not a swimmer.

She prefers a quiet family life.  Little children scare her yet we think she would be fine with kids over age 11.   She is smart and trainable. 

She is already housebroken and up to date on shots. 

She will tolerate a canine visitor for a few hours as long as they don't get in her face.  Best to be the only dog in the home...she wants your attention for herself.  Loves people...and will follow you all over like most Springers.

She is a beautiful and healthy senior...from her soulful eyes to her wiggly tail.  She is ready for the humans who want a healthy senior to be their dog.  Reasonable adoption fee:  $200.  Contact us soon because she is ready for a new adventure.

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