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Wally, age 11, came into Senior Spaniel Rescue, Inc. last September. He was so afraid of humans, that during the first week of living with Paul and Lori Hardgrove (Wally's foster Dad and Mom), he simply paced outside. During his second and third week at home, he paced inside. Through the love, love, and even more love that Paul and Lori give to their dogs, Wally began asking to be pet around his fifth week of living with the Hardgroves. Wally began walking in the pack and greeting other dogs; he always returned to his pack.

On Friday night, February 5th, Wally woke up whimpering and unable to put weight on one of his legs. At the ER, it was determined that there were no tumors; Wally was put on pain medication and spent the night at the hospital. The medical staff thought he might have a fibrocartilaginous embolism in his spine, and recommended 3 doses of steroids for 24 hours. Still not feeling better, Wally was given new pain medications.

Wally began to put weight on his leg and was tested for valley fever, tick fever, and other fungal diseases to help determine a diagnosis. Euthanization was offered and, of course, Paul and Lori said "NO, we want to do everything possible to help him get well." They did not want Wally to suffer, but if there was a way to help him get well, they wanted to make it happen.

Last week, Wally went home. All tests came back negative. No valley fever, no tick fever, and no fungal diseases. Wally remained thin and the vet believes that it may be due to low testosterone levels from his January neutering. Paul and Lori fed Wally well and changed foods. Wally was in pain and the source of him being unable to put weight on his leg remained unknown.

Just when we thought Wally had turned a corner and was getting better, it is believed that Wally may have had a seizure Thursday. Wally is not putting weight on his front leg and a sore has appeared like the sore on his hind leg. Wally is back in the hospital and Senior Spaniel Rescue is committed to paying for his x-rays, blood work, anti-seizure medication, antibiotics, and stay in the hospital.

Upon initially meeting Paul and Lori, and the other Hardgrove dogs, Wally sniffed them ever so briefly to be polite and then walked a half of a football field away and had to be retrieved. This is an example of what patience and love can do to help turn a frightened feral dog into a great friend... and, this is what rescue is all about.

We want Wally to get well soon and need your help with the costs. Please donate what you can to help us raise the $1,900 needed for Wally's care.


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