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Winston is one of those Springers who just touches your heart. Although he is a beautiful dog, he has had visible and invisible health issues. He came with ring worm from the streets of Bullhead City, AZ and had to be hospitalized in quarantine for over a month. Since then he has had a major surgery ... femoral head ostectomy and been on supplements.

Senior Spaniel Rescue paid for his hip surgery so he could walk without pain. The hip bone was dislocated and he was in severe pain. We found a top notch vet in Prescott, AZ who reduced her fees for his operation...but still it was costly.

After 3 wonderful foster homes, he finally found solace with a woman trainer on a herding training ranch in Prescott, AZ.

Even with the rising costs for this one dog, SSRI committed the funds because we believed Winston deserved another chance after the humans who abused him released him to the streets and he was rejected by the other rescues because he would bite out of fear. His trainers agreed he could be saved. We committed to being his rescue angels.

Now we need your help.... 1) finding the right home for Winston and 2) with donations to help pay for his continuing bills. SSRI pays for him to stay at the ranch where he has gotten training and enjoys living until the right forever home comes.

If you can, please donate at to help Winston remain on the ranch until he gets adopted.

Next, please contact those who might know a rancher/farmer and post this ad on your timeline...

Help Winston Find a New Home & Job on A Ranch

Winston came to SSRI as a stray, and has had a rough life. It became evident to us that Winston had some emotional issues that caused him to growl in fear if startled, so we sent him to a behavioral training facility in Arizona where he received training and a safe environment in which to flourish. He has learned a lot and changed a lot and with the right person, he is a great companion.

SSRI will provide you, the adopter the training needed to help Winston succeed and be a good companion dog. He tends to regress when he perceives the people in his life as "weak" and does best when expectations are clear and boundaries set. Winston lets you know when he's ready to be petted and also when he needs his space. He loves to curl up on the floor nightly near his human.

Here’s what we think Winston wants: a place with lots of space….he’s just not a suburbia dog…he has grown accustom to ranch life. His desire is to be your companion "ranch" dog or your "garden" dog and follow you around as you do your outside chores. He has a bit of an independent streak and is definitely not a Velcro Springer. He is just a good dog who likes having a job on a ranch or farm.

Winston gets along with other dogs, is healthy and playful. And, we would hope you would give him the opportunity to be loved and appreciated in his forever home for the dog he is. Please consider adopting Winston. He deserves a full life, a happy home, and a place to lay his head.

Spread the word about Winston.... let’s prove there are 3 degrees of influence for finding the right home for him. or contact

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