Teddy (Homer)

(Update:  Homer was loved til the end by a couple in NM.  He passed over the rainbow bridge recently.  He taught us a lot about separation anxiety.)

We have a wonderful Springer coming back to our rescue for the second time because of his extreme separation anxiety...needs to be with human all the time...or perhaps someone where he could be taken to work and He barks when left alone....nonstop. So he needs to be with his people continually...retired, disabled person, or family with lots of people and who goes outside and loves to sit out for periods so he feels comfortable being outside. Here is his story and his finer points. Owners reluctantly gave him up because they wouldn't let him follow them throughout the house so his separation anxiety increased. He needs to see his human and be nearby. Please check him out and forward to friends and family to help this poor dog find a forever home.

Teddy (previously known as Homer), the Liver and White handsome English Springer Spaniel says:
I need a new forever home or a really experienced foster. They say I am very sweet...I'm definitely a friendly guy. I will give you my paw as a way of saying "hi, how are you?" I love to go for walks or just be by your side to cuddle and be petted. I will follow you from room to room. I love to play with other dogs either females or males.
Teddy: Here's what they say about me so I am blushing:
"Teddy is so sweet and smart. He will shake hands with people especially if asked to give you "five." Recently, he was meeting a Basset hound and the basset was bit rambunctious and butting Teddy with his head. Teddy reached out and gently put his paw on top of the basset's head as if to say..."calm down...we are both on leashes so we can't play right now." The basset calmed down and relaxed with Teddy. Teddy is such a smart dog...and seems to know so much. He is almost completely liver color with red highlights."

Teddy is about seven and half years old, with up to date vaccinations and neutered. He likes kids and adults. He does need to be in a home where there is a doggie door or someone to go with him outside with him and be there while he relaxes enough to go to the bathroom. He has separation anxiety and we are working on it with him. His current family can't keep so he needs an experienced foster or forever home willing to work with him on his separation anxiety issues. Also extremely afraid he will be left outside and so is a reluctant urinate...takes a lot of time. Sometimes he waits until he feels safe after returning inside. He is in good health...45 lbs.

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