Rascal -  He is a smart fellow who quickly learned house training & how to navigate the doggy door. He is a busy boy in the house , but will settle down for snuggles on the couch. He sleeps on blankets on the floor ( prefers blankets to a dog bed) in his foster home, but would love to sleep on the bed with you if allowed.

He loves his toys & scatters them all over the house. His newest antic is taking them outside & attempting to bury them. Rascal loves his walks but could use some work on leash manners. He loves car rides, jumps in & curls up in the back seat & usually going to sleep. He loves other dogs. He loves playing chase with a tennis ball, will retrieve the ball & drop it at your feet. He adores kids. His foster mom recently had her grandkids for a week visit & Rascal was in heaven. He especially fell in love with the two year granddaughter, followed her around, played with her , they even napped together. He gets along great with other dogs & shows no interest in cats. A fenced front yard or a front courtyard will be a requirement for this speedy escape artist.

If you would like to add this sweet happy dog to your family, please contact us.
Rascal's adoption fee is $250.
Contact Ronnie at ronnieriner@gmail.com or 505-350-7510


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