Paco -bonded pair with Kenzie

(Update:  Both Paco and Kenzie were dopted by a couple who dearly love them in Las Vegas.)

"I'm Paco. They called me Paco because I'm a really good friend. I love to sit in people's laps because I so want to be close to you. I truly love humans and my girlfriend Kenzie. She's a little older than me but we don't care. She has been my life long buddy so that is why the Senior Spaniel Rescue folks want us to stay together. Check her out too.

If you are looking for two dogs to hug and cuddle with...we are it. I love to smile and look deep into your eyes to see if you are the one who will truly love me.

We are happier now because we are loved so much more than we were when we were left out in our former owners' back yard."

Paco is an 8 year old Liver and White English Springer Spaniel. He is a lap dog and wanting to be near you. He loves to sniff out creatures in the back yard. House trained and doggie door trained. Great on the leash. Waiting for the right human.

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