(Update:  Maddy was loved by his foster family of humans and Springers until he passed over the rainbow bridge to find his former human who had passed on before him.)
Maddy or Madison is approximately 11 years old with a good sense of humor. He is always smiling and wagging his full tail. He has been a prancer or a dancer in the past. He always walking around and checking out waste baskets just in case you have left a tissue in there for him. When Maddy was young would prance down the dock and jumping up - 4-5 feet to catch item before the toy would hit the water. Quite the show off. Molly, an Irish Setter, taught Maddy to swim for the ducks. His owners would ask Maddy would go get Molly out of the lake. Then they both forgot about the humans and the request to come back in. Sometimes the humans would have to get the boat to get both of them. Maddy loves to be petted and cuddle with you. He is on thyroid medicine and a medicine to improve his liver levels. By April, he should be well enough for some fatty tumors to be removed. Then he can be adopted. In the meantime, he is available to be a foster to adopt situation. He is good with toddlers and children. He has very good hearing and responds to lots of words. Maddy is a fairly good traveler as long as he gets to do what he enjoys most…putting his head out the window. He will complain a bit if you keep the window closed at low speeds otherwise he will lie down and snooze. Prefer a home with a pool or near lake. Doggie door trained. Great beta dog as long as the others are friendly. Loves carrots instead of rawhide bones. Very intelligent doggie.


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