Dusty (No Longer Available)

Dusty is an unusual tri-color field Springer Spaniel This means he has lots of energy even though his fawn coloring is turning gray. Dusty gets along with everybody both male and female dogs. He loves to sit by you and be petted as well as walk by your side....one of his favorite things is to lie on his back and scratch it with some funny guttural sounds and then finishes it with a few yips. He is a loving character. If you want a snuggler, he is that too. He will hop up to the top of the bed and snuggle next to you. If you tell him to get down, he will. He is looking for a good human to love him and possibly curl his ears. he wants to please. If you are working at desk or table, he will snuggle up to your feet for the connection. He's a good combination of an active dog or calm depending on his human's activity level. Sits on command. Loves to give you the paw to shake. He is almost always smiling with his eyes and his mouth. He is happy to be with you and other dogs or by himself...just a well rounded guy. He likes other dogs and is so calm with them. Smiles and looks into the camera with ease. We think he is about 11 years old, but because he is a fieldie he has lots of energy and can be a counter surfer to reach up and grab a loaf of bread if your back is turned. He will also spring up for a meal...hopping on the way to sit and stay for his meal. His legs and hips are strong. He wants a human to love him. He is going to be a super sweet friend for someone who wants a true southern gentleman furry friend with spirit. His adoption fee is $150 through Senior Spaniel Rescue.

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