Our Christine is one of the sweetest and happiest little ladies we’ve seen in a long time!

She’s a loving, lively and energetic 8-year-old black and white fieldie who would do well with someone who can give her lots of love, consistency and a sense of being part of the family. We believe she spent most of her time out in the yard and away from her family, and we think she deserves a lot better! 

Christine is pretty good on a leash (with a little room for improvement) and rides well in the car.  She has a habit of wanting to jump up to greet people for hugs and kisses. Some people wouldn’t find this an issue, but others may and would want to work on it.

She enjoys the camaraderie and fun of having playmates around, so a house with other dogs (preferably male) would keep her Springer energy in check. We don’t recommend cats since she has a hunting instinct. She has never lived with children, but since she is so incredibly sweet, this may not be a problem - it’s best to supervise until you can see what to expect.

Christine is in excellent health. She has been spayed.

Everyone who meets Christine says the same thing about her: she’s a sweet, intelligent, lovey-dovey girl!


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