Andy is a happy active boy who loves to be with other dogs and near his human.    He loves to be near you and will be happy lying at your feet or by your side if you invite him up on the sofa.  He looks up at you with these big brown eyes that say “I love you” and will give you his paw to shake.   He knows and responds to sit and stay.  

He is looking for someone who wants to walk frequently in the back yard or on walks in a neighborhood.  He knows the doggie door and will use it but sometimes he wants to be by you so much he forgets so frequent walks will be ideal for him.  When he is excited he spins around with stuffed animals or a tennis ball in his mouth. 

In his first home he was verbally abused so he needs a kind gentle human because he is scared easily in new situations and will start bouncing up and down.  He has come a long way since then and relaxes when he knows you love him.  Once he has been a place a few times, he relaxes and gets into the flow of a walk or running in a park.

He would fine with another male dog or a beta female.  Alpha females don’t seem to like him.  He loves cooked spinach, green beans, bananas and carrots.  He loves to eat and sucks up the food like a vacuum so keeping him on his diet and no non-vegetable treats is important for weight control.  He is 9 years old and with Senior Spaniel Rescue, contact about how to adopt him.

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