Senior Spaniel Rescue, Inc. (SSRI) helps older English Springer Spaniels find foster and forever homes where they are loved and cared for. We identify people who want a senior Spaniel as a loving family member. When life altering events happen and owners who can no longer care for their Springers and must give them up for adoption, SSRI provides adoption referral assistance.

All too often there are senior English Springer Spaniels who have lost their homes because their owners have tired of them, become ill, moved to an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs, or the owner passed away. These dogs are loving, flexible and caring. They need homes temporarily and permanently. Perhaps you’ve been looking for a companion who loves you and just enjoys your company.

We are a group of people who love our Springer Spaniels and want to help Senior Spaniels find good homes. Senior Springer Rescue, Inc. (SSRI) works with other rescue organizations and shelters to place senior spaniels. Although we specialize in English Springer Spaniels, we occasionally help with the placement of other Spaniels breeds.

SSRI is dedicated to finding both foster and permanent homes for senior Springer Spaniels. We focus on placing older rescued Springers. Senior Spaniel Rescue seeks qualified homes for our adoptees, and may be able to provide limited financial assistance for some of the costs of this process to qualified recipients.

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We have found that people who can’t foster or adopt want to help others by donating their money to help these loveable seniors. So please donate by filling in an amount and clicking the Donate button. Thank You.


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